At Picture it in a Frame, we're proud to showcase the work of Newfoundland artists. There is immense talent in our province and we have a wide selection of original works and prints by local artists including:


Odell is very passionate about her workand draws inspiration and ideas from her familiar surroundings and personal memories. Odell can be found painting at her art studio in downtown Stephenville, NL. (Visit Odell's web site)


Maureen Blanchard is a self taught realist artist from the small community of Gillams, Newfoundland. Her medium of choice is acrylics which allow her to capture the intimate details of landscapes, seascapes, people and other intrigues that inspire her. (Visit Maureen's web site)

tom cochrane

Tom Cochrane is a photographer and cinematographer based in Corner Brook, NL. He loves cliffs and the ocean next to them. He adores music and the connection between nature and arts and has an unhealthy obsession with Gros Morne National Park. (Visit Tom's web site)

doug downey

Doug is a self taught oil painter who uses a palette knife instead of a brush to create his impressionist style works. Based in Springdale, NL, he runs very popular painting workshops, carves wood, makes rustic twig furniture, and shows his work across Canada.

jason dunne

Jason has been on pretty much every continent and wherever he goes, he takes photographs. He says that although there are fantastic photos to be captured everywhere, he's found some of the best right in his own backyard in Newfoundland. (Visit Jason's Facebook)

janice hardy


Alli Johnston is a visual artist, graphic designer and copywriter based in Corner Brook, NL.  A primarily self-taught painter, Alli works in watercolour and is inspired by the colours, sounds and smells of nature, especially when she's by a river, lake or ocean. (Visit Alli's web site)


Allan is a self-taught artist born in St. Lunarie-Griquet, on the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland. As the son of an inshore fisherman, he grew up around boats, fishing stages, and wharfs. He was inspired by the rugged beauty in the world around him and began to capture it on canvas. Scenes that reflect traditional Newfoundland culture and landscapes remain the primary subject matter for his paintings. (Visit Allan's web site)

peter macdonald




Lloyd Pretty has been creating art since he was four years old but it wasn’t until he was in his thirties when he began painting full time. Today Lloyd's work is well know throughout Canada and is in collections all over North America and as far away as Austria. He now produces his own Limited Edition prints and paints everyday. (Visit Lloyd's web site)

ronnie rowsell